Purdue Fan Pride

Boilermakers show their deep love for Purdue in countless creative ways

Fans of Purdue love the university so much that some permanently choose to display it on their bodies with tattoos. Others deck out their homes with carefully curated and crafted displays of their pride.

For many, Purdue is more than a world-class university, it’s an intrinsic part of their lives. Read about these super fan stories and see how their Purdue pride leads to endless creativity!

Todd and Jessica Foster

A Purdue-themed basketball barn built for dreamers

Have you ever wanted to play basketball in Purdue’s Mackey Arena? Now you can play in a barn that is known as ‘Mini-Mackey.’ Todd Foster’s dream was to open a multifunctional basketball facility ­­— not only for his family but

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Purdue alumnus Chris Pate shows off some of the items in his massive Boilermaker collection

Meet the Boilermaker with the ‘world’s largest Purdue collection’

Chris Pate’s fan cave is full of museum-quality pieces of Purdue history.

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A tattoo sleeve full of Purdue memories

Name: Brittany Blackford Graduation year: Fall 2015 Major/area of study: Wildlife; fisheries and aquatic sciences Current career: Small-business owner and Master of Science student at Mississippi State University studying conservation education Meet Brittany, who has a tattoo sleeve dedicated to

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Purdue Tattoos

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