Small Steps of Purdue

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The real Boilermakers who receive support from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at Purdue are telling their stories.

Disability takes countless forms — most not even externally visible. In honor of this vast diversity among students with disabilities, students who use the DRC are standing up one by one to tell their stories. These students show that there’s no one way to be a Boilermaker, but Boilermakers do have some core values in common — determination. Positivity. Passion. Mutual care and support. And you’ll see those values coming through in every one of their small steps.

Grace sits on a bench, smiling, at Horticulture Park.

Being a Boilermaker means I get to have dreams and succeed — something that, for a while, I was afraid I wasn’t allowed to have.

Grace Bowling Senior, Math/Physics

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