Maura Klopfenstein, Author

Matlyn Miller smiles at the camera and rests her chin on her fist.

What makes Purdue accounting majors so employable?

Boilermakers are an absolute force in the job market. In Purdue’s accounting program, it’s not hard to see why.

Wetli poses at Stewart Center’s Boilermaker Station on the West Lafayette campus

5 things every family should know about the big college decision

Selecting and transitioning into college is a process that involves the whole family. Here’s what you can do.

Isha poses in the EPICS lab

Making friends by making a difference

Boilermakers are known using their talent for doing good in the world. And what better way to make friends?

Gary, Quentin and Cammy stand with their arms around each other.

Parent to parent: Making a financial plan for college

Cammy Betts says her son Quentin has always been money-conscious. A workable financial plan for college was essential.

Alexia Robinette paints a mural, Pooja Anil poses at Rivian, Nick Mori rests against stone arch structure with the Budapest skyline in the background.

Learning by doing

If it’s true that experience is the best teacher, then Purdue students learn from the best.

Faith Specner

Finding the right major

“Where are you going to college?” “What’s your major?” If you’re hearing these questions on a loop, you’re not alone.

Campus image

Small Steps of Purdue

There’s no one way to be a Boilermaker. Read these Boilermakers’ stories of persistence.

Celeste sits outside in his wheelchair, smiling

Pete’s story: I’ve been where you are

I used the DRC as a student. Now I work there, getting students access to the services they need.

Mikaela is wearing a shirt that says “Boilers”

Mikaela’s story: I didn’t have an IEP. I got help anyway.

I never needed accommodations until my sophomore year, but the DRC didn’t hesitate to offer the help I needed.

Madeline smiles at the camera

Madeline’s story: Crohn’s gave me a passion

My experience with Crohn’s is the reason I’m studying to be a pharmacist.

Close-up photo of Em smiling

Em’s story: Advocating for self-acceptance

Once I finally got on board with my ADHD diagnosis, it felt like I was embracing myself.

Grace sits on a bench at Horticulture Park with her laptop

Grace’s story: Determined to succeed

People often question my abilities. But once they get to know me, they see I have solid ideas.