Maura Klopfenstein, Author

Headshot of Ginger Cameron, mid-length brown hair with bangs, wearing a white shirt and black pinstripe suit jacket

Meet Purdue Global professor Ginger Cameron: ‘Why I teach public health’ 

Ginger Cameron has wanted to be a teacher her whole life. She never expected she’d end up teaching science.

Bea Bourne is standing behind a marble counter and wears a tan leather jacket, smiling and hands on the counter in front of her.

Meet Purdue Global professor Bea Bourne: ‘I was an adult student, too!’ 

When this Purdue Global professor realized she wanted to teach, she knew she wanted to teach adults.

Alejandra Palma sits on a concrete park bench, wearing a navy and white striped jacket, holding an open laptop.

Purdue Global student says ‘this comeback is for all of us’ 

Alejandra Palma enrolled at Purdue Global after a brush with death, when her dream became more meaningful.

Black and white photo of Desiré Hunter, wearing a three-tier necklace, wavy hair, and a black scoop-neck shirt

‘My online degree from Purdue Global gave me the confidence I needed’

Desiré never saw herself with a degree backed by Purdue. Now she has one.

Josef sits at his typewriter in a sunny room, wearing a light linen blazer and a green patterned shirt.

Meet Purdue Global professor Josef Vice: Why your success matters

Purdue Global professor Josef Vice says if he can make a comeback after 35 years, so can other working adults.

Janet smiling, holding diploma.

Purdue Global Law School gave her the chance she’d been waiting for

I’ve wanted to go to law school since I was 17. In my 40s, I got my chance.

Kerry Koziol walking across graduation stage.

Purdue Global helped her fulfill a dream she didn’t know she had

I was an ER nurse. And now I have a law degree from Purdue Global.

A nurse with personal experience in end-of-life care, Abby Strehle has evolved her career in health care by earning her JD. Now, she can guide her patients and their families through the legal challenges they face in the midst of tragedy. (Purdue University photo / Kelsey Lefever)

How a nursing career led to a law degree with Purdue Global Law School

Physically, mentally, I needed a next step. I needed a plan that was going to be sustainable, rewarding and enjoyable.

Lynda Mitton

Meet Lynda: A Purdue Global professor explains the why behind the work

Working in addiction, for me, was driven by a personal motto of mine: “Go back and get the others.”

Bruso sings in her cap and gown, with the image of the American flag behind her

‘Dreams really do come true. This was my chance to make it happen.’

Kerry Bruso is a dancer at Disney World, and Purdue Global is getting her where she wants to go.

Finch is holding her youngest daughter on her right side and has her left arm around her oldest daughter.

‘This is a comeback that’s really mine.’

Danielle Finch was just starting out in the military when her marriage ended. She made her comeback with Purdue Global.

Kayli Peterson

Kayli Peterson is driven to succeed

To NASCAR driver Kayli Peterson, comebacks aren’t unfamiliar. Falling back and getting back on top is all part of success.