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Purdue Polytechnic High School

The quality of an education shouldn’t be based on a zip code.

Powered by Purdue University, Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS) was created to offer new pathways to Purdue, specifically for K-12 Hoosier students who are underserved by traditional high schools and underrepresented in higher education. PPHS immerses students and their families in an innovative, hands-on learning community.

PPHS helps students prepare for the next chapter of their lives by fostering lifelong learning and pathways to college – including careers in advanced manufacturing, technology, and jobs not even envisioned yet.

31% will attend Purdue
30% will attend another 4-year University/College
12.5% will attend "community" college, 2 year institution
6% will do career training
24% will go directly into a skilled trade

PPHS Media Kit

Currently with three campuses in the state, PPHS immerses students and their families in an innovative learning community, offering tuition-free, STEM-focused experiences that prepare high school students for a successful future.

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