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Finding endless opportunities through Purdue Promise

Sarobbie Hagen feels supported by Purdue Promise.

For Purdue senior Sarobbie Hagen, scholarship programs like Purdue Promise have allowed her to explore her full potential, encouraging her to take her small steps without the worry of a financial burden after graduation.

Student experiences academic and financial support through scholarship programs

Purdue University persistently provides opportunities for students to feel supported both academically and financially. Boilermakers benefit from programs like Purdue Promise, which helps qualified students graduate in four years with little to no debt. Senior Sarobbie Hagen understands firsthand the benefit of financial aid — and feels support and security from the entire Purdue community. 

“To me, Purdue Promise means opportunity and security,” says Hagen. “This program helps me feel secure in the ability to be able to obtain my degree no matter my income. Purdue Promise also offers opportunities within the program, such as study abroad trips, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities that students can participate in and grow from.”

Purdue Promise focuses not only on financial support but academic opportunities and involvement, such as preprofessional experiences and guidance from mentors.

To me, Purdue Promise means opportunity and security.

Sarobbie Hagen
Purdue Promise participant

“Having a Purdue Promise mentor is like having a very informed friend that can help you with everything you could need at Purdue. My mentor has been able to help me with study abroad questions, financial aid help, the job search process and many other things. My coach is always there to uplift me in any way that they can.”

Since Hagen started her time at Purdue, she has felt the individualized support of Purdue faculty and staff as well.

“The Purdue Promise coaches curate a specific plan for your success and growth during your time at Purdue. They care about you — I feel like I always have access to information or someone to contact for any question, anytime.”

Purdue Promise is just one of the many small steps Purdue takes toward accessible higher education. Hagen encourages everyone to research the program. Incoming freshmen can go through the Purdue Promise webpage on Purdue University’s website to read more, watch videos and see FAQs for the program.

My coach is always there to uplift me in any way that they can.

Sarobbie Hagen
Purdue Promise participant

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