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Boiler Ambassadors

Strategists from Boiler Ambassadors.

Boiler Ambassadors strategists focus on brand goals, project management and content creation.

Students share stories to spotlight innovation and involvement across campus

Boiler Ambassadors provide inspirational viewpoints and insight into the small steps that Boilermakers take every day toward their goals.

Small Steps Spotlight

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Learn more about life on campus from an innovative team looking to engage and encourage their community. From showcasing student leadership to finding balance in busy schedules, Boiler Ambassadors spotlight what it means to persistently pursue dreams.

Explore organizations and get to know students involved in collaborative programs and initiatives. There are over 40,000 unique experiences unfolding across campus — Boiler Ambassadors help share and connect these perspectives for a new way to promote the stories of Purdue.


Take a peek into the everyday life of Purdue students with the Boiler Ambassadors. Find out what to expect in your residence hall, learn the best places to study and eat on campus, get involved in the most memorable Boilermaker traditions and see what current students are saying about life at Purdue.

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