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Togetherness Matters: Ellie McClellan’s Story

Purdue students on campus.

Boilermakers can find connection and community on campus through nearly 1,000 student organizations

Students come together to sustain a welcoming campus for all

With nearly 1,000 student organizations and resources to build more across campus, Purdue University fosters an environment of togetherness. That environment allows students like Ellie McClellan — who is persistently working to bring Boilermakers together — to take small steps that lead to giant leaps. Purdue’s dedication to togetherness allows for all Boilermakers to share interests and passions with others to develop a sustaining and welcoming campus for all.  

The culture of togetherness and inclusivity is just one of the many reasons why Fast Company magazine named Purdue a “Brand That Matters.”  

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Purdue students on campus.

Togetherness Matters: Ellie McClellan’s Story

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