Getting to help kids sooner, and with less debt — that’s my giant leap.

When Maya Steinhart started her college search, she knew she wanted to study Special Education. But it was going to be an expensive endeavor.

Tuition rates across the country — and especially in California, where she lived — were higher than ever. And she was looking at an extra year of tuition on top of the typical four, since most Special Education programs take five years to complete.

Purdue was her solution.

Not only was it less expensive to pay out-of-state tuition to become a Boilermaker, but she discovered that Special Education here is also part of Purdue’s Degree in 3 program. “Saving so much money by going to Purdue will allow me to go to graduate school and travel before it,” she says.

Hear it from Maya — how the value of a Purdue degree made the difference for her college choice — in the video below.