Paige Brown, Author

The groom feeds the bride a piece of cake. The cake is in the foreground.

A Boilermaker love story, 60 years strong 

A Purdue couple whose love blossomed over half a century ago on Purdue’s campus shares their Boilermaker love story and what it takes to make a successful 60-year marriage.

Doriane Sossou smiles at the camera, standing in a lab with metal machinery behind her.

A Vision of a More Food-Secure World

While growing up in Benin in western Africa, Doriane Sossou saw how food insecurity affected those around her.

Dr. Michelle Ludwig poses on a bench, alongside her hearing service dog, Pam.

Advocating for self and community 

Since childhood, Purdue Pharmacy alumna with hearing loss has learned to navigate her own education — with help from Purdue.

Parsia Bahrami stands in front of a collection of flags.

Finding friends at college: The courage to step out of your comfort zone

At age 13, Parsia Bahrami learned that the process of moving to a new country could be a profoundly lonely one.

Don-Terry Veal Jr. stands in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering.

3+2 dual-degree partnership provides a perfect opportunity for eager students

Don-Terry Veal Jr. is a pioneer in the 3+2 dual degree partnership between Morgan State University and Purdue.

Hudson Tsang smiles at the camera. A small drone sits on the table in front of him.

How one student’s backup plan became his calling

Hudson Tsang had been interested in becoming an airplane pilot for as long as he could remember.

Ashley Bird stands in front of a plane in a green flight suit decorated with patches.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Aviators

Air Force flight instructor Ashley Bird found a springboard for her military career in Purdue’s ROTC.

Elise Doan and Audrey Williamson are shown side-by-side, divided by a diagonal line. Both are shown smiling and looking off-camera.

LGBTQ at Purdue: Pride in community and self

Elise Doan and Audrey Williamson share how LGBTQ students can find a vibrant and uplifting community at Purdue.

Krupa Patel, a piccolo player in the Purdue “All-American” Marching band, poses with her instrument in her uniform.

Playing a part in an Indy 500 tradition, year after year

As a member of the Purdue “All-American” Marching band, Krupa Patel enjoys coming back to the Indy 500, a tradition held for over 100 years.

Nikeytha Ramsey, a Black Boilermaker, holds a box of containing one of her Junobie storage bags.

Purdue alumna Nickey Ramsey takes on ‘Shark Tank’ with an innovative solution for busy parents

Like all good ideas, Junobie was created out of necessity. As a traveling working mother of two, Nickey Ramsey became frustrated with the few options available at the time to store her breastmilk — or, as she calls it, “liquid …

Golden Girl Amanda Coy has performed with the Purdue “All-American” Marching Band at the Indianapolis 500 since her freshman year as the Girl in Black. (Photo by John Underwood/Purdue University)

Seeing a community come together for race day

It’s the coolest moment when we turn the corner of the Indy 500 track, and you see all of the people in the stands lined up, and you are the first thing they’re all looking at.


Combining student leadership and showmanship at the Indianapolis 500

At the Indy 500, a lot of the drum major’s role is the showmanship of it all — wearing the big, tall bear hats, leading the band through the parades, but there is also the logistics.