Joel Romero-Meredith, Author

Dave Cappelleri and Georges Adam work in Birck Nanotechnology Center.

The world’s smallest drum

Boilermakers know that Purdue is home of the World’s Largest Drum. But have you heard about the world’s smallest drum?

Andrew Kinder, sophomore at Purdue, standing in Purdue Memorial Union.

Tyler Trent Award winner back in the game after leukemia diagnosis

Andrew fell in love with lacrosse in second grade. Taking hits comes with the territory. This time, something was different.

Alyssa Rodriguez at desk.

Pride and Persistence

After years of changing schools, Alyssa Rodriguez craved stability. When Purdue opened a high school, it was the perfect fit.

Stephen McKinley Henderson

Tony nominee Stephen McKinley Henderson on his journey to the top

Henderson was introduced to the stage when an aunt put him and his brother on a tour of local churches.

Sanai Johnson pulling graduation cap tassel.

Finding a place to belong with Purdue Polytechnic High Schools

Because of the small classes and connection with coaches, PPHS had an immediate appeal for Sanai Johnson.

Medger Hansboro

An open classroom environment fuels curiosity 

Looking back at who he was his freshman year of high school, Medger Hansboro can barely believe his own transformation.

Jay Williams in graduation cap and gown.

Developing persistence at Purdue Polytechnic High Schools

Jay Williams started dreaming about attending Purdue University after seeing a commercial for the engineering program at 8 years old.

Rebecca Hutton behind the scenes with the Chip Ganassi Racing team.

Eyes on the checkered flag 

Meet the Purdue students and graduates writing the next chapter in motor sports history Many people enter motorsports dreaming of one day being on the winning team at the Indianapolis 500. Rebecca Hutton got to live it, just weeks into …

Bryan Hubbard

Purdue Polytechnic professor reflects on teaching career

Bryan Hubbard hails from a small town. Others might have been intimidated their first time on Purdue’s campus. Bryan wasn’t.

Laura Bowling in front of bookcase.

A thank you to those who led the way for Purdue teaching award recipient

“When I was an undergraduate, I had no ambition to go to graduate school,” says Laura Bowling.

Dolan Williams stands at a Purdue Global lectern with commencement gown and regalia.

Defining your own path with Purdue Global

Maybe you know the feeling. You’re settled into a comfortable job. Then with one word, your heart sinks: layoffs.

Somita Basu, a graduate of Purdue Global’s Concord Law School.

Somita’s Purdue Global story: shaking up the legal field

Purdue Global’s Concord Law School helped Somita make a midcareer pivot I had a successful career as a management consultant in Singapore and India. When I got pregnant with my first child, I decided that I really needed some mental …