Luke Lael: Supported from every side

Supported from every side — that’s my life at Purdue

As someone who identifies with the LGBTQ+ community, senior Luke Lael says that the top-ranked resources offered at Purdue have been crucial toward the acceptance and affirmation he experiences as a Boilermaker.

“Here at Purdue, you feel uplifted by community resources,” he says. “My mom and I both find safety in knowing that Purdue ranks as one of the best colleges for LGBTQ+ students. We know I have support from all aspects of campus life.”

A centerpiece of the support LGBTQ+ Boilermakers receive is the five-star LGBTQ Cultural Center on campus and the community that comes with it, but the underlying culture of well-rounded health is what makes the available resources so authentic.

Lael says the culture of acceptance is steady across campus, no matter which organization he’s been a part of. (photo provided by Luke Lael)

“There are multiple campus resources that contribute. The first is Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). I really appreciate the fact that we have dedicated professionals on campus that are here to help those in need,” he says.

“Most of all, it’s a close-knit community in West Lafayette. We’re all proud Boilermakers and we all protect and uplift each other. It’s so refreshing knowing I’ll always have a community here.”