The Data Mine

We believe data science should be accessible to everyone 

That’s why we created The Data Mine — a pioneering living-learning community that’s one of a kind. Immersed in analysis and problem-solving, students collaborate on real-world projects with corporate partners. Boilermakers bond with like-minded peers and form lifelong friendships. 

Discover how The Data Mine is leading Purdue’s next giant leap in data science and hear from its faculty and residents. 

Akshaya Kumar, a sophomore from Iowa, is one of hundreds of students in The Data Mine.

Data science for all: Thriving in a human-centered, data-driven workforce

Whatever your idea of a typical classroom experience looks like, it’s certainly not The Data Mine. This unique living-learning community offers boundary-breaking learning for students from all backgrounds and gives students the chance to work on real-world projects with major corporations like Beck’s Hybrids, Cummins and Microsoft.

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Driving Progress through a Data-Fluent Generation

Purdue University and engine manufacturing powerhouse Cummins Inc. share a lot in common.  Dan Hirleman, executive director for international advancement and professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue, puts it this way: “Purdue and Cummins have the same philosophy, I think — the

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A Collaborative Living-Learning Community: Data, friendship and unexpected opportunity

When Kali Lacy, an electrical engineering graduate, first considered the statistics learning community at Purdue, a predecessor to The Data Mine, she hesitated. “There were people that were like, ‘Oh, don’t do statistics — that’s way off course from your

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