2022 Tyler Trent Award goes to inspirational optimist

Tyler Trent’s courage inspired the world during his courageous battle with cancer while at Purdue. This year’s Tyler Trent Courage and Resilience Award goes to Eric Magallanes. Like Trent, Magallanes approaches life on campus with a focus on community and connection. And like Trent, Magallanes kept smiling even when his journey took the most unexpected turns.
“Everything Tyler wrote about, I could relate to,” says Magallanes. “We’ve had so many things in common, from types of radiation and chemotherapy to all that we’ve felt throughout these journeys.”

Magallanes was pursuing a career in dentistry when oral cancer threatened to derail his dreams. Even while battling the cancer that was taking over his body, he found ways to support others and work toward his goals. The strength and persistence that Magallanes has shown throughout his experiences are propelling him into a promising future — one that honors Trent’s unforgettable legacy.

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