What is Purdue Polytechnic High School?

Purdue Polytechnic High School – a concept that says the quality of one’s education shouldn’t be based on one’s zip code.

Powered by Purdue University with resources from Purdue Polytechnic Institute, PPHS was created to serve as an engine of upward mobility by building a pipeline of low-income and minority students to counteract the unacceptably small number emerging from the public education system, not just in Indiana, but nationwide.

Here, students, families, PPHS coaches, and Purdue officials share their stories – their hopes and dreams of persistence and perseverance of changing an education system, addressing next-generation learning and rebuilding communities. Now with three locations, PPHS helps students and families prepare for the next chapter of their lives: pathways to college, lifelong learning, and careers in advanced manufacturing, technology and jobs not even envisioned yet.