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STEP INSIDE: Purdue Grand Prix Foundation

In episode two of STEP INSIDE, meet four of the students behind Grand Prix race 65 and see what it takes for the Grand Prix Foundation to put on the race year after year.

Beginning in 1958, the roar of racing karts has energized Purdue’s campus every spring, capping off the school year with a tradition that serves both the community and the students who participate in it. From scholarships to lifelong friendships to real-world experience in event management, engineering, business management and more, the Purdue Grand Prix is more than a student-run event. It’s “The Greatest Spectacle in College Racing.”

For these students, Grand Prix Foundation has become a staple of their college experience. Hear from four Purdue racing fans — Russ, Olivia, Dawn and Carter — who have explored their interests, found a community and taken small steps toward finding their next giant leap, all thanks to the Grand Prix Foundation.

To find out more about the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation, visit
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