A world-class education that costs less than my brother’s did years ago. That’s my giant leap.

Having tuition frozen for 10 years is a giant story in the world of higher education, but for Korbin Zvokel, it’s personal. 

“Frozen tuition has had a huge impact on my family and me,” he says. “I’m the youngest of three and I know trying to support all of us through college is extremely difficult. It’s especially crazy to think that my tuition is less now than my brother’s tuition was when he was starting out at another in-state university around eight years ago. And of course, if I had chosen that same school to our south, I’d be paying even more than he was then.”

“I really appreciate tuition being frozen for a decade because of the value of the world-class Purdue education I receive at an affordable price. College tuition is going up across the nation, but Purdue’s commitment to affordability made one less thing for me to worry about when choosing a school,” Korbin says.

Hear more of Korbin’s story in the video below.