Mitch Daniels rides “Couch Cart” to Purdue’s Spring 2021 commencement

Mitch Daniels arrived for Purdue’s Spring 2021 commencement in style.

The parents attending commencement on May 15 might have been a bit confused by the University president’s mode of transportation when Daniels rolled into Ross-Ade Stadium on a motorized couch. But those who were around Purdue’s campus during spring semester likely recognized the “Couch Cart” – part go-kart, part garden cart, part loveseat.

Seniors Ethan Cox and Nathan Peercy and their housemates at Joshua House garnered instant fame among their fellow Boilermakers this spring once they unveiled their unique creation, which hit speeds of up to 12 mph while trekking about campus.

Luckily for President Daniels, Cox had room for one passenger to ride shotgun as he drove the Couch Cart to Ross-Ade to receive a degree in robotics. Cox made a quick stop by Hovde Hall to pick up his esteemed co-pilot, who served as commencement speaker following his memorable entrance to Purdue’s first outdoor graduation ceremony.