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I Am a Boilermaker

We are Purdue.
We’re not an East Coast Ivy League school, although we do think we are pretty elite.
I have a president who could have been president.
I am proud of my school’s athletic and academic accomplishments.
And I can beat the world’s largest drum.

I believe that fountains were meant to be run through.
That it’s totally fine to experience all four seasons in a single day.
That it’s OK to take classes in both beverage tasting and thermodynamics.

That buildings should be made of red brick.
And that Purdue Pete might be the strong silent type, but he sure knows how to throw down the hammer. And when it comes to fashion, old gold and black is the new black.
And your 500 may be little, but my prix is grand.

Purdue is the top-ranked public university in the state of Indiana, the Cradle of Astronauts and Quarterbacks, and the best school on earth.

I am a Boilermaker!