Kayla Wiles, Author

Brad Duerstock, a professor on the EASI RIDER design team.

How could future autonomous transportation be accessible to everyone? 

Purdue professors are helping make autonomous vehicles more inclusive while the technology is still in its early days.


Expert on space junk: When spacecraft explode, answers may be in the debris left behind

Much of the space junk orbiting Earth won’t clean up itself – or tell you how it got there. Purdue University’s Carolin Frueh and her team are investigating what causes spacecraft to become space junk. Their findings are revealing ways to prevent …


Electric vehicles could fully recharge in under 5 minutes with new charging station cable design

Purdue University engineers have invented a new, patent-pending charging station cable that would fully recharge certain electric vehicles in under five minutes – about the same amount of time it takes to fill up a gas tank. Today, chargers are …


Every newborn on a ventilator can now be better protected, thanks to technology that helps prevent a common breathing tube incident

After 30 years of development, a medical device designed to continuously monitor the airways of the tiniest ventilated patients could become the standard of care for babies worldwide  WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — If a newborn is moved or becomes agitated …


The whitest paint is here – and it’s the coolest. Literally.

In an effort to curb global warming, Purdue University engineers have created the whitest paint yet. Coating buildings with this paint may one day cool them off enough to reduce the need for air conditioning, the researchers say. In October, …