A Boilermaker Carol

We’re raising our song anew. Purdue University presents “A Boilermaker Carol.” We love the days we’ve spent with you, Boilermakers. Special thanks to the following partners for their contributions: the students of Purdue Musical Organizations; vocal soloist Addison Schreiber; Jacob Stensberg and Dr. Suki Wong of Purdue Musical Organizations; Professor Barry Funderburg; the College of Liberal Arts; the Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance; the Purdue University Sound for the Performing Arts program. Purdue wishes you a warm and happy holiday season. Boiler up!

Learn the behind-the-scenes details about this holiday-themed version of “Hail Purdue” and the production process in this video.

“A Boilermaker Carol” © 2021, Trustees of Purdue University