Podcast Ep. 29: Protect Purdue | Dr. Esteban Ramirez

In this episode of This is Purdue, we’re talking to Dr. Esteban Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer for the Protect Purdue Health Center – the 24/7 virtual health center dedicated to all things COVID-19-related for the Purdue community.

Listen in as we discuss how the Protect Purdue campaign assisted in getting 50,000 students, faculty and staff to return to campus safely, and why student culture has played a crucial role in Purdue’s success this year.

How did Dr. Ramirez tackle this massive Protect Purdue initiative virtually? And what were some of the biggest lessons learned?

Plus, you’ll hear about Purdue’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution site on campus which opened in April to help vaccinate as many students as possible before the end of the 2021 Spring semester.

To learn more about Protect Purdue, please visit protect.purdue.edu.