Brittany Steff, Author

Philip Low works in a laboratory.

Imaging agent illuminates lung cancer tumors

Removing cancerous tumors relies on a range of tools. Cytalux makes surgery to remove lung cancer tumors more exact.


Training computers to tease out the subtext behind the text

Computer scientists use machine learning to connect real-world events with text on social media and in news articles    It is hard enough for humans to interpret the deeper meaning and context of social media and news articles. Asking computers …


Researchers study the link between vitamin D and inflammation

An active metabolite of vitamin D—(not the over-the-counter version) — is involved in shutting down inflammation, which could potentially be beneficial in patients with severe COVID-19. Scientists recently gained insights into how vitamin D functions to reduce inflammation caused by …


Shellfish inspire chemists to develop new stronger, more sustainable glues

Humans rely on the ocean for a vast array resources: food, energy, minerals, even the less tangible ones of inspiration and recreation. But one ocean byproduct may not be obvious: glue. Shellfish have been clinging to rocks for eons longer …


Still taking giant leaps from lunar small steps: Purdue scientists analyze moon dust collected by Apollo 17 astronauts

Humans have not set foot on the moon for nearly 50 years, but the Apollo moon missions aren’t over. The echoes from Neil Armstrong’s first steps are still helping scientists make giant leaps in understanding the moon’s geology. When Apollo …


Professor credits teaching success to understanding, empathizing with students

2021 Murphy Award: Andrew Freed On university group chats and on Reddit boards throughout campus, students refer to Andrew Freed, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, as a GOAT — one of the greatest of all time. High praise, indeed, …