Ava Kuhn, Author

Chris, a Purdue Global graduate.

Earning a Purdue Global degree and teaching courses now, too

Chris Bentley earned a master’s in information technology to reinforce his credentials.

Students involved in the motorsports engineering program standing on the track.

Motorsports engineering program is fueling the industry’s future

Purdue University in Indianapolis is helping launch racing careers and create unparalleled opportunities for students.

Andrea, a Purdue Global graduate.

Making the world a better place with a Purdue Global MBA

Andrea Mattingly earned an MBA to gain a greater understanding of business and help those around her to thrive.

Stephanie Dykhuizen, a Purdue Global graduate.

Finding balance between a full-time job and school with Purdue Global 

Stephanie Dykhuizen finished her bachelor’s degree and earned her master’s degree, securing multiple promotions at work in the process.

Allie Kingery, a Purdue Global graduate.

Prioritizing personal growth and earning a Purdue Global MBA 

Allie Kingery earned an MBA to help secure a promotion and advocate for a greater number of people.

Anastasia Krutulis, a Purdue Global graduate.

Gaining a greater understanding with a Purdue Global master’s degree 

Anastasia Krutulis earned a master’s in higher education so that she had the credentials to take on higher responsibilities.

Chandra Whippen, a Purdue Global graduate.

Becoming an IT expert with a Purdue Global bachelor’s degree

Chandra Whippen wanted to find a way to combine veterinary medicine knowledge and IT skills.

Jay Wasson, a Purdue Global graduate.

Securing career promotions after earning a Purdue Global MBA

Jay Wasson decided to earn an MBA to better understand setting strategic directions, managing operating budgets and improving infrastructures.

Amy Boyle, a Purdue Global graduate.

Advancing in human resources with a Purdue Global MBA 

Amy Boyle knew that moving forward in her career meant being responsible for individuals at increasingly higher levels.

Greg Strimel, associate professor of technology leadership and innovation.

Research and innovation create momentum for award-winning professor

Greg Strimel has received the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award for generating innovation and influencing research initiatives.

The Gramlich family with Chancellor Frank Dooley.

Purdue Global commencement celebrates multigenerational success

The Gramlich family aspires to be examples of persistence that their children can look to for guidance.

Professor Mark French in his classroom, where he leads MET 34900.

Hands-on ‘guitar lab’ is one of Purdue’s most popular courses

A supportive professor, an immersive project and lessons that prepare for postgraduation life. MET 34900 strikes a chord with students.