Luke Lael: Supported from every side

Supported from every side — that’s my life at Purdue As someone who identifies with the LGBTQ+ community, senior Luke Lael says that the top-ranked resources offered at Purdue have been crucial toward the acceptance and affirmation he experiences as …


The potential to make the impossible possible

Purdue Polytechnic High School prepares students for the jobs of tomorrow During his sophomore year at Purdue Polytechnic High School, Adrian Martinez helped design a robotically controlled arm for amputees. The team created parts using a 3D printer and built a …


A persistent pursuit of ambitions

Taking control of education allows PPHS grad to realize his Purdue legacy Colten Lewis was searching for something different when he enrolled in Purdue Polytechnic High School. Learning that he’d be part of the inaugural graduating class further solidified that he …


PPHS fuels creativity, builds confidence

Members of the first graduating class of Purdue Polytechnic High School to enroll at University this fall Xavier Howard knew he made the right choice enrolling in Purdue Polytechnic High School when he was asked to set his own freshman year schedule.  …


In charge of their own education

Project-based curriculum allows students to self-direct their learning It could have been kismet. It was on Audrey Williamson’s (they/them) birthday that their mother first heard a radio commercial touting an alternative, STEM-focused high school that encouraged self-directed learning.  “They just …


Professor embraces role guiding students’ holistic growth

2021 Murphy Award: Natasha Duncan Natasha Duncan values the role she plays in the holistic growth of students who enroll in the Honors College at Purdue University. “A student is not just a student, but a complex person on a …


Purdue Polytechnic High School enables students to map their success

Student-directed learning in project-based environment makes a world of difference Casady Williamson always planned for her children to attend Catholic high school. When her eldest, Audrey, reached eighth grade, Williamson learned about the new Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis. With its …


Every small step led me to law school. Because of the support I have at Purdue, I’m ready.

Law school-accepted senior Jessie Keppler isn’t worried about her next steps. And she credits the rigor and the resources at Purdue. “There are so many experiences I’ve had here that make me more competitive in the marketplace,” she says. Internships …

Shatoya Ward

Purdue Polytechnic High Schools leader helps students write their story, innovate for the future

Shatoya Ward serves as Purdue Polytechnic High Schools’ chief of school operations, overseeing the schools’ outreach activities in Indianapolis and South Bend.


What is a Boiler Ambassador?

Our goal is this: to share the stories of Boilermakers. We want to highlight the small steps you take that lead into your next giant leap. We are Purdue students for Purdue students. We are Boiler Ambassadors!


Bold and creative outreach addresses college and career readiness

Purdue Polytechnic HS provides pathway to Purdue for underrepresented minority students As Gary Bertoline was transforming Purdue University’s former College of Technology into Purdue Polytechnic Institute, two ideas struck him in a goal to include more high-impact educational practices for preparing …

Keeanna Warren

Building hope from the ground up

Keeanna Warren will always think of the building at 1405 Broad Ripple Ave. in Indianapolis as a tech startup.