Purdue Day of Giving

Podcast Ep. 55: Purdue Day of Giving Celebrates Boilermaker Spirit and Community

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re diving into Purdue Day of Giving, an annual event to support Purdue’s giant leap as one of the world’s leading academic institutions. Every year on Purdue Day of Giving, thousands of alumni, …

Purdue couple

Podcast Ep. 54: Boilermaker Bond: Celebrating 45+ Years of Marriage

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” two couples share their love stories that began during their time at Purdue University. Randy and Linda Shields, co-chairs of President’s Council (part of the Purdue for Life Foundation), and Norm and Karen …


Collaborative sophomore excels in undergraduate research at Zucrow Labs, lands Tesla internship

Tarun Prakash channels his creativity and experiences real-world research opportunities, preparing him for his first big career move: an internship at Tesla A common thread of persistence and innovation ties all Boilermakers together, from the small steps of incoming freshmen …


From a student’s perspective: How families can help with the college search

As a freshman at Purdue, Aryana looks back at her college search process and notes that she couldn’t have done it without her parents’ guidance and support. “When I was looking for colleges, I looked with my parents,” she says. …


College tips for parents from parents

The college application process can raise a lot of questions, and not just for the students. Parents, family and other support systems can play a key role in the decision. We had real parents of current students look back on …

Britney Ho sits at a study table with laptop, smiling

Living in a professional learning community

Cambria McClelland says she was working on her housing application when her dad encouraged her to look into a learning community. She was surprised to find not only built-in study partners, but a community that turned out to be foundational …


Podcast Ep. 52: Aviation Alum, Philanthropist Scott Niswonger on Purdue’s Lifelong Impact

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to Scott Niswonger, founder and chair of the Niswonger Foundation, which was established to make a positive and sustainable difference in education in Northeast Tennessee. After graduating from Purdue, Scott (associate …


Building a Pipeline: PPHS Origins Story | A Documentary

With the backing of Purdue University, Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS) is revolutionizing education and changing students’ lives. After recognizing that too few minority high school students were academically prepared for the challenge of postsecondary education at Purdue University, President …


Pearl at Purdue: Marion Blalock offered mentorship, motivation that helped minority engineering students succeed

In three decades leading Purdue’s Minority Engineering Program, Marion Blalock created recruitment, retention and graduation initiatives for underrepresented minority students that were so successful that the MEP became a model for universities across the nation.


Respected for its prestige. Known for its community.

What brings a student from the West Coast to a university in the heart of the Midwest? Purdue’s global reputation enables a worldwide demonstration of its community. In fact, it’s Brynne Hunt’s favorite part of being a student at Purdue.


Podcast Ep. 51: In-depth with Purdue Women’s Basketball Head Coach Katie Gearlds

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to Katie Gearlds, the first-year Purdue women’s basketball head coach. As an Indiana native and former Purdue player, Coach Gearlds describes what it feels like to have her dream job and …


Purdue alumna, a U.S. athletic trainer, savors second chance to participate in her first Olympics

Anne Hinley landed her current job with US Speedskating in 2021 after working with the Chinese team prior to the COVID-19 pandemic As a Purdue student, Anne Hinley felt awkward about revealing to athletic training classmates and colleagues that her …