Purdue Global student Leanna Chroman.

Commitment to service prompts restaurant exec to choose Purdue Global

Leanna Chroman learned early on about the joy and fulfillment that come from caring about others’ well-being.


Purdue Global student driven by desire to help restaurant colleagues

Leanna Chroman chose to pursue an online college education through Purdue Global for herself and for her company, but it was about much more than that. From her earliest days as a server at Huse Culinary’s first Harry & Izzy’s …

President Mung

Podcast Ep. 74: President Mung Chiang on Becoming Purdue’s 13th President, Boilermaker Persistence and Family

In this special episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to the 13th president of Purdue University, Mung Chiang. Listen in as President Chiang discusses the day he learned he would become president of what he calls “the most consequential …

Purdue Space Program Liquids team

Purdue Space Program Liquids Team: This is Persistence at Purdue University

Whether in a brainstorming session on campus or launching a rocket in a remote corner of the Mojave Desert, Boilermakers never stop in their pursuit to become the best. Again and again and again, the Purdue Space Program Liquids team …

Greatest Hits of 2022: Celebrating Boilermaker Education and Innovation

Podcast Ep. 73: Greatest Hits of 2022: Celebrating Boilermaker Education and Innovation

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re celebrating even more popular episodes from 2022. Part 2 of our “Greatest Hits of 2022” episode focuses on the academic side of Purdue University. Listen as these Boilermakers — from an IndyCar, …

Melissa Burdi, dean and vice president of the Purdue Global School of Nursing

Helping nurses benefit their patients – and themselves

Melissa Burdi’s wealth of experience gives her a unique perspective on the possibilities available to Purdue Global nursing students.

Podcast Greatest Hits 2022

Podcast Ep. 72: Greatest Hits of 2022: Celebrating Boilermaker Athletics

Celebrate the new year with some of our most popular “This Is Purdue” athletics episodes from 2022. Listen today!

Mason Gillis

Mason Gillis: This is Persistence at Purdue University

From the classroom to the basketball court, and even in his NIL partnerships, Mason Gillis has never backed down from a challenge. After battling an injury at the start of his basketball career, he’s learned that all good things in …

Purdue Global graduates Kelvin Gumbs and Sherry McQueary and Purdue Global deans Melissa Burdi and Jeffery Buck

Podcast Ep. 71: A Graduation Celebration to be Thankful For: The Impact of Purdue Global

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to five members of the Purdue Global community as they celebrate the impact Purdue Global has had on their careers and lives. The podcast team went behind the scenes at the …

Purdue Global graduates Massimo Ruzza and Gabe Giusti.

Friends in flight crossing the finish line together

Purdue Global classmates Gabe Giusti and Massimo Ruzza had so much in common that friendship was all but inevitable.

Kyle Orton

Podcast Ep. 70: Former Quarterback Kyle Orton on Coach Tiller, His NFL Experience and Earning His Purdue Degree After Retirement

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to former Purdue University and NFL quarterback Kyle Orton. Listen as Kyle (BA history ’14) discusses how former coach Joe Tiller and quarterback Drew Brees inspired him to choose Purdue, the …

Purdue Global graduate Tony Friesner studying outside.

Purdue Global helps a veteran pursue a new role as a professor

Career and classroom experiences have brought Tony Friesner to believe there is always an opportunity to serve the greater good.